Tuesday, May 12, 2009

William Irving Naylor: 1910 Census

This is the last census record I have for Pop Pop's father. It is the 1910 Census and he is listed as "William E."; the census taker must have been told his middle name was Irving and thought it was spelled Erving. Pop Pop's grandfather, the British-born police officer is listed as the head of the household- he is 60 and he has been married to Emma for 23 years. Just like the birth certificate said, it lists four children in the marriage, with 3 surviving; William Irving was the youngest. Both of the elder William's parents were born in England, and he immigrated to the U.S. in 1867, which would have been when he was about 17. He must have retired from the police force, as his current occupation is listed as Watchman for a bank.

Emma is listed as 49 with both of her parents having been born in New Jersey. The hard part about tracing back this side of the family is that her maiden name is Smith- not the easist name to trace your genealogical line with. If I can manage to find the marriage record of her and William, it might have a middle name, parents names, or a birth date, which would be helpful. Other than William, who is 12 and in school at this point, the other two children are 13-year-old Margarethe, and 22-year-old Augusta, who is listed as married, working as a nurse (it says she is "working out" which I guess I'd take to mean that she makes house calls?) with the married name of Friess. She has been married for four years at this point, and has a two-year old son named John William. Noticeably absent is the father, however.

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