Monday, May 11, 2009

Pop Pop's Side: The 1920 Census

I was interested in getting into genealogy specifically to find out more about Pop Pop's side of the family. I knew a little bit more about Grandma's Poletti side, but knew hardly anything about Pop Pop's family. Growing up, I knew that Pop Pop's mother had raised him herself after his father had left the family when Pop Pop was only a toddler. Dad knew that Pop Pop's mother was named Clara, and that gave me a jumping off point. The very first record that I discovered in my research was this from the 1920 federal census:

If you look down about 3/4 of the page, you'll see the following, which I'll transcribe. William I. Naylor as head of the household at 4518 Lancaster Ave. in the 44th ward in Philadelphia, PA. He is 21 and is married to Clara G., who is 22. William I. Naylor lists his birthplace as New Jersey, his father's birthplace as England, and his mother's birthplace as New Jersey. His occupation is listed as a salesman of milk and dairy, of which he was a wage worker (if you look up about 9 lines, the next door neighbor is also listed as a milk and dairy salesman, so they might have been in business together). For Clara, she is listed as having been born in Pennsylvania, with both her mother and father having been born in W├╝rttemberg, Germany. She is listed as not having an occupation- the census was taken on January 11, 1920, which was four days before Grandma's birthday and about seven months before Pop Pop's birthday.

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