Saturday, February 12, 2011

Willam Naylor and Emma Smith's Marriage Record (1887)

It's been quite a long time since I posted and I'm hopefully going to make it a regular thing from now on. Part of the reason was due to taking a break from genealogy for a while and part was that I really had gotten stuck and not found many more records that could give us clues to the Naylor family's past. But boy has that changed.

Today, we'll stick with Pop Pop's father's side. I do have other information on other parts of the family on both my mother's and father's side, but I guess I have focused on Pop Pop's father's side because we knew so little about it. I'll be making several postings this week on that side of the family and then I hope to branch out a little bit and talk about the Polettis, Lebers, etc.

When last we left off on Pop Pop's side of the family, we had just gotten back Pop Pop's father's birth certificate which listed his mother's and father's names. For quite a while, I searched around in online databases trying to locate some kind of record for William I. Naylor's father (William) and mother (Emma) that could help me go back an additional generation. Nothing really came to fruition until about a month and a half ago. Kathleen had tried a search for them on FamilySearch and lo and behold, there was a marriage record for William Naylor and Emma Smith in New Jersey. I know I'd searched FamilySearch before for that record, so it must have been a fairly recent addition to their database. I sent away for the record, and received it about 2 weeks later. Here it is:

The marriage took place on November 9th, 1887. It is listed as the second marriage for both William and Emma. Interestingly, Emma is listed as a widow, previously being married to a man with the last name of Brown. William's place of residence at the time of marriage was Merchantville, NJ and Emma's was Burlington. William is 38 years and 2 months old and Emma is 27. William is listed as a police officer which we knew before.

Now to the exciting part. William's parents are John Naylor, born in England, and Jane Ann Sidebottom, also born in England. Emma's parents are listed as Jason Smith, born in the United States and Elmira Richardson, also born in the United States. That would make these four my great-great-great grandparents.

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