Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jason Smith and Elmira Richardson's Marriage Record (1860)

After discovering the index for William Naylor and Emma Smith's marriage on FamilySearch and ordering that record, I found out another generation of Naylor ancestors. Today, we'll focus on Jason A. Smith and E. Elmira Richardson. They are Pop Pop's father's mother's parents. The marriage took place in Burlington, NJ on May 31st, 1860. Jason A. Smith is 22 years old and E. Elmira Richardson is 20 years old. We're also given parents names. Unfortunately there are no maiden names which will make it a little bit harder to find marriage records for the parents. But we do know yet another generation of Naylor family ancestors. Jason's parents are Jason M. Smith and Mary G. Smith and Elmira's parents are Joel and Emily Richardson. Jason's occupation is listed as "painter".

At the bottom, it states "I certify this to be a true list of marriages in the Township of Burlington from June 1st 1859-June 1st 1860 as furnished by the Clergyman and Magistrates of this Township." -Lewis E. Lippincott, Clerk of the Township of Burlington

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  1. I am thrilled to have connected with you on our SMITH line! Jason M SMITH, painter, m. Mary Catherine DENNY.