Thursday, December 16, 2010

William Irving Naylor/Clara Walter Marriage Record

For a while, I've wondered about where and when Pop Pop's mother and father were married. I haven't been able to find a date of marriage or even a place of marriage. I decided to try to investigate again tonight. In the 1920 census, Clara and William are listed as 21 and 22 years old and married. It's safe to assume they probably didn't get married all that many years before. They were listed in that census as living in Philadelphia County, so I assumed they were probably married in the same county between 1917-1920.

However, Family Search indexes all marriage records performed in Philadelphia between 1885-1951, and they are not in there (Pop Pop and Grandma are though!) I was stumped- where could they have gotten married? Then Kathleen sent me this article: . It says that Philadelphia had very stringent marriage laws back then, and specifically one provision that stated that you had to get permission to be married if you were under 21. It also says that people under the age of 21 generally flocked to Camden, NJ to get married. only has a handful of records for Camden County (not even the city of Camden). Not sure where to go from here, but started off by sending an e-mail to the vital records department for the city of Camden to see if they would search the record for me or allow research hours so I could search in person.

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